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Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess (remember him in Across the Universe?) play our lovers as we follow their topsy turby relationship in their lifes. This love story is told through a day in each year over a span of 20 years. But what could have worked to enhance the story here ends up feeling merely like a gimmick. The passage of time did not work well to move the tale along and often felt like the story was being rushed. Some years moved along so quickly and uneventfully you may not be faulted if you cry foul! I suspect that this would have worked better as a novel rather than in film format. And another distracting thing is Anna Hathaway’s unconvincing English accent. It may have been easier if she was just introduced as an American instead.

Separately, Anne and Jim are great actors and I would love to see them both in another movie with better material to work with. Here we just hope and wait for something great to happen but neither are given much opportunity to shine. Of the two, Jim at least had some better scenes and moments to connect with the audience. As it stands, One Day may look nice but if you are looking for a memorable romantic love story here then you would likely be disappointed with One Day.

Ratings: 2 stars